Adam Bromfield

Dip Remedial Therapy

Dip of Counselling

We often feel pain and discomfort in a localized part of our body, however the source of the problem is often caused by an imbalance elsewhere in the human system.
I use an integrative approach to massage therapy, utilizing different modalities and techniques to treat the clients’ dysfunction as a whole, not just the local part. 
My aim is to reduce discomfort and increase freedom of movement. 
By consulting with the client’s history of occupation and lifestyle I am able to tailor a treatment plan that will best suit your needs. 
I also offer a strictly confidential counselling service for anyone needing help coping with life's many challenges.
I have been treating people of all ages for many years so if you are in need of help with pain and discomfort or simply need to talk to someone, please call me or reserve a time to come in to the clinic.