Boost your immune system.

Massage can boost your immune system.

We all know how good a massage is to help us relax and decrease pain and discomfort, but did you know that it boosts your immune system as well? The answer is YES!

A recent study by researchers at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles California noted an increase in lymphocytes after participants received a 45 minute massage. Lymphocytes help the body defend itself from infection and disease. They also saw a decrease in levels of cytokines which are responsible for inflammation and a marked decrease in cortisol and vasopressin, which is the stress and aggression hormones respectively. As the flu season is upon us, it is vital that we look after ourselves and give our bodies the best chance of fighting off any infection that we may contract. So make some time to receive a massage. Buderim Massage Clinic has a new client special - $50 for a 1 hr remedial massage. Book online at: wwwbuderimmassageclinic.com. Health rebates available. *Note: If you are currently experiencing flu symptoms, please see your doctor first and rest up at home until you feel better before seeking massage therapy.

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