Lateral hip pain… bursitis or tendinosis?

The hips and their supporting structures often take a beating due to aging, overuse, and trauma causing the brain to reactively guard the area with spasm or pain. For decades, lateral hip pain has been blamed on injury to the fluid-filled bursa sacs covering the greater trochanter, thus the name trochanteric bursitis (TB). However in recent years it has come to light that many cases of hip “bursitis” are actually due to wear and tear of the gluteus medius/minimus tendons beneath the bursa and/or IT-band irritation overlying it. When clients present with hip pain in my clinic, I have found that a combination of graded stretching of the TFL and vacuum cupping can help take pressure of the hip bursa and reduce the symptomatic pain associated in this area. If your are suffering from pain and discomfort, come and see me at Buderim Massage Clinic and take advantage of the new client special, $50 for a 60 min remedial massage. Book online at: www.buderimmassageclinic.com. Health rebates available.

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