Rib Pain and Massage

Clients typically blame ‘between-the-blade‘ pain on tight muscles, and session after session the therapist beats on the rhomboids and lower traps only to amplify the problem. In many cases, a simple functional evaluation leads to the true culprit….fixated ribs and intervertebral joints. Not to say muscles don’t play an important role in creating/perpetuating rib misalignment, but the muscle itself is usually not the primary pain generator. Highly innervated joint capsules, spinal ligaments and nerve dura often prove to be the main events (key lesions) responsible for long-term pain and disability. By using a combination of myoskeletal alignment techniques and active movement from the client, fixations of the ribs and joints can be released reducing pain and discomfort. Buderim Massage Clinic - Helping you feel better

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