What is sacral torsion?

What is sacral torsion? This disorder is more common in women than men (though many men do suffer from it as well). It means the sacro-iliac (SI) joints aren’t setting properly. The sacrum, a triangular bone, fits like the keystone of a bridge in between the two pelvic bones called the ilia. The SI joints are the tiny vertical joint spaces between the sacrum and the ilia. Unlike many joints of the body, they have very little motion, but their ability to move is vital to pelvic stability and positioning. When the area around the sacrum has received trauma, or hyper laxity due to hormonal changes, the congruence of the bones in the SI joint can be dislodged which can result in considerable pain and discomfort. A remedial massage therapist can help bring the sacrum back into alignment and help reduce the knots formed in the surrounding soft tissue due to protective muscle spasming. If you are living with pain and discomfort , come and see me at www.buderimmassageclinic.com and take advantage of the new client special - $50 for a 1 hr remedial massage. Health rebates available.

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